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Email from Author to Room 8 'BADLANDS by Anna Kenna'

16th March 2013

Wow. What a great email to get Sally.  I am glad you class enjoyed the book.  It was quite a bleak story really but clearly quite captivating.  I would love to see how your class of budding authors finished the story.  You have inspired me to write a sequel.  If I get the time, I will and dedicate it to Year 4, Room 8 Arrowtown Primary School.
Please send the hard copies to:
Anna Kenna
41B Tiromonana Road
Raumati South
Paraparaumu 5032
Thanks again for taking the time to tell me how much your class enjoyed my work Sally :).
Best regards,

14 March 2013

Hi Anna,

Earlier this year I read my class the story of 'Badlands' - we were looking at 'Making Connections' and 'Predicting' - I drip fed a chapter daily to the children and they became quite engrossed in your book.  After reading the final chapter they couldn't believe that it was the end of the book, they wanted more. We had some great discussions - actually your book changed my whole timetable for the week!!  

The children asked me to check the library to ensure there was not a sequel to the book!  So what I had them do, was to write a Chapter 7 on how they thought it might have ended.  They have now completed these. Some have had time to illustrate their writing too, but they wanted to share them with you.

Thanks for the great book - we all loved it.

Could you please send your postal address so I can forward their writing in a hard copy!

Kind regards
Sally Hoskin
Year 4, Room 8
Arrowtown Primary School

Wednesday, 12 March 2014