Thursday, 11 December 2014

             In my sister's case

I was on holiday and in my sister's case there was ...

A blood thirsty vampire and the Roman empire
Rainbow wings and a Kea with shiny things
A poisenis green snake and a blood red lake
Brown sea kelp and a monster screaming help!
A grass green cat and an orange table mat
Popcorn that made a pop and a whhite walled shop
A hand knitted sock and a band that can rock
Areally fast car and a full fruit jar
A bearin a cave and a hot thirsty slave
A child getting the cane and wet pouring rain
A really fast plane and awful terrible pain and that was that!

Monday, 24 November 2014

The witching hour

                                             The witching hour

as the sun goes down behind the hills it casts flickering shadows on the wall like a witches spell. The clouds turn a peachy colour. the sky turns inky black and stars shine like flickering candles. The full moon casts an erie glow above the town.  suddenly out jumps a witch on a broomstick, a goblin prancing  on the roof tops, a golden dragon swoops across the town.A warm light dapples the town. good morning!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Room 8 persuasive writing

We have been considering ways to persuade people of our opinion.  We have written these about keeping takahe safe in Te Anau.  We wrote using some techniques like repetition, emotional language and rhetorical questions as we worked on our other writing skills.  Please read and enjoy our writing.

Ferrets versus birds

I live in a deep dark forest.  One lovely morning I went looking for food for my chicks.... but then I heard big loud feet thumping and it was a ferret, which is a terrible bad animal in the wild.  I've already been through this before.

Some believe that I'm a beautiful bird so people might want to see us more and more.  Everyone knows if you don't keep the park open, birds and animals will become extinct.  People love studying, and learning about animals that they don't even know about.

I think we should keep our wild parks open because I believe that the wild parks keep the endangered animals safe and protect them from predators like the ferret.  D.O.C guys feed, care, protect, save and rescue wild birds.

In my opinion you should keep the park open for education, saving, caring and feeding birds.  We have amazing wildlife parks and I hope you keep them open.

Help save the Takahe

Help save the Takahe!!!!

I am free to roam in the wild but I live in fear with all these flightless birds.

When I hear a strange sound in the leaf litter I run & hide in my den covered with green fluffy moss & brown crunchy leafs. There are huge poles everywhere with long wires connecting them altogether.  Please save us rare birds!!


Everyone knows we are getting smaller by numbers each day & as the days go by we will slowly start to die out and be extinct!!  Please help save us rare birds!!


If we are in the wildlife park everyone can study us closer & it'll be easier for science too.

When I am in a park nothing can hurt me and you can learn about us. Please help save us birds because we are getting smaller by numbers!HELP PLEASE!!

Save the Takahe

Me and my species are almost extinct.  I'm scared of hunters and predators around every corner.

First of all the takahe are almost extinct.  Their species are in danger.  The takahe have no shelter and protection.  Keep native birds alive.

Second of all people like tourists may never get to see them.  They are beautiful and special to New Zealand.  Tourists get to look at them at least one time becuase they're almost extinct and only in New Zealand.  Keep native birds alive.

Third they help the world.  They eat seeds and poop them out and grow plants.  The takahe can make trees grow and trees are important.  Trees can stop pollution and make oxygen.  Keep native birds alive.

In conclusion they are almost extinct, they are beautiful, they help the world. Everybody knows that the takahe should be in a the national park.  Keep native birds alive.

This is when we where doing speeches